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Please call 1-800-GO-INFRA (464-6372) or 1-603-324-7600 or click here for support

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Software / Firmware

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Technical Guidance

Activating/Deactivating & Registering your ResearchIR 4 software Online

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Technical Guidance

How can I activate a FLIR ResearchIR 4 license for a PC without internet access?

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Trouble Shooting

All pixels in ResearchIR have the same temperature value even though I have no lens cover in front of the lens. How do I correct this?

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Are the FLIR T530 and T540 compatible with FLIR ResearchIR?

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Recorded Webinar

ResearchIR Software Tutorials

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How do I connect I/O ports to FLIR A315/A325/SC655/SC645 cameras, using FLIR ResearchIR, to trigger a recording?

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How can I open and process multiple image files in ResearchIR 4?

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Technical Guidance

Can I read two decimals of spots and areas in ResearchIR? In the Results Analysis tab, I see only one decimal place, I need to plot higher resolution of for instance Area average.

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Brochure/Catalog: FLIR ResearchIR Brochure
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Creating and editing analysis charts
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Exploring ResearchIR analysis tools
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How to connect ResearchIR to the camera
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Using the ResearchIR Max file extraction tool
ResearchIR Max: File Extraction Tool
Image enhancement techniques for ResearchIR Max
ResearchIR Max: Image Enhancement
Using image subtraction to see Delta T
ResearchIR Max: Image Subtraction
ResearchIR Max measurement functions
ResearchIR Max: Measurement Functions
Recording data through ResearchIR Max
ResearchIR Max: Recording Data
How to share your ResearchIR data
ResearchIR Max: Sharing Data
Setting up Super Framing
ResearchIR Max: Super Framing
How to trigger recording in ResearchIR Max
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