Short-Range Tactical Quadcopter

ION™ M640x

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The ION M640x is the next generation of tactical quadcopter building on the capabilities of the ION M440. Equipped with a Teledyne FLIR 640 thermal imager, a near-infrared laser illuminator, and all-new object tracking, the ION M640x is on the cutting edge of IR technology. The ION M640x tactical quadcopter is an American designed, developed, manufactured, and supported system. This system is equipped with the best sensor and laser technology Teledyne FLIR has to offer, unique capabilities for special missions, and Teledyne FLIR’s high standard of service and support.

  • Upgraded IR Sensor Resolution 640

    The ION M640x has upgraded to a Teledyne FLIR 640 thermal imager. This doubles the infrared resolution, maximizes sensor detection, and clarity.

  • Smart Object Tracking

    The ION M640x features smart object tracking. This enables the operator to direct the aircraft to track and follow while maintaining a set distance from a designated object.

  • New NIR Laser Illuminator

    Equipped with an NIR laser illuminator, the ION M640x can pinpoint objects of interest remotely. Laser Illumination only visible with night vision goggles.

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ION™ M640x