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intelliCure Mega Curing Box

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intelliCure Mega is a state-of-the-art curing box that can easily be handled by two people when empty. It provides an ideal, uniform curing environment for the entire curing cycle by heating and cooling under automatic control to maintain a preset temperature. The intelliCure Mega can hold 22 6x12 cylinders, or approximately 88 stacked 4x8 cylinders submerged in water. The curing box is specifically designed to comply with AASHTO and ASTM curing standards.

For your largest concrete-curing jobs

  • Eliminate Temperature Stratification

    Actively stirs the water by means of patent-pending bubble plume technology to eliminate temperature stratification commonly found in other curing boxes.

  • Heats and Cools

    Automatically heats and cools to maintain a constant environment for the cylinders the entire curing cycle.

  • Certified Accuracy

    Certified accurate to +/- 1 °F using a NIST traceable standard and includes a certificate of accuracy.

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Export Restrictions

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intelliCure Mega Curing Box